Thursday, October 11, 2012

And so it ends...

The past few weeks have seen the evolution of Debacle, or shall I say The Great Sphinx Escape, from an idea scribbled on to paper to the fully realized card game that it is today. Through much deliberation and play testing, the games mechanics have been honed to ensure that the game keeps the player entertained and engaged with his fellow player. An Egyptian theme has been utilized and the Sphinx of Egyptian mythology has been cast as the antagonist, pitting the players against each other in a battle for survival (or bragging rights, to each his own.) This last week in particular has been the most rewarding thus far as we were able to see our game played by our fellow classmates and gauge their reactions to our hard work. And for the most part, I was very happy with the response. The players genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves and offered great suggestions on how the game could be made even better. One feature of the game which proved to be very popular was the use of an action card known as "Rebound" which allows players to send a question back to the person who posed the question. In both play testing groups it was suggested that there be more of these cards in the game, as they enjoyed the direct player vs. player aspect it brought to the game. Now, after weeks of preparation, the game must face its greatest challenge in the form of the visiting play testers and prove once and for all that The Great Sphinx Escape is the game that Gotham deserves. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 3rd class meeting

Our last class session included us playing out the game and seeing where we were successful and if any changes need to be made. Playing the game ran very smoothly although there is always room for improvement. Towards the end of the class session, after playing the game for a second time we realized we needed to insert a catch up mechanism. For most of the game the leader in the beginning remains in front because its is hard to attain more then one point at a time. Thus we are in the process of inserting a new card value to double the point value to be played on distinct turns. We plan to meet twice this week and are excited for other groups to play our game Wednesday with the new twist!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The lack of update during this past week was due to technical difficulties, so this post will be made in regards to what was addressed last week by the group.

During the meeting, we all worked together to address and establish the core rules of the game, including the actions made during each person's turn. These actions include playing a trivia card, which will be answered by everyone other than the person who plays the trivia card. The group has two minutes to answer the question before the next player gets to play a Trivia card. Little things in the game might change as we go through the development process, but for the most part these are the rules that'll make up the base of the game.

This week we talked about feathers and cards that will be included in the game, as well as the theme that will be used as a part of the game, but those will be talked about in the next post.

Hopefully it won't nearly as long until them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And so it begins...

Blog Post #1
      Today was the premiere group collaboration for the trivia card game Debacle. Debacle was chosen as the game which the group would pursue in a landslide vote after all members had presented their ideas. Almost immediately after making this choice the group sprung into action sloughing off parts of the original proposition in order to streamline the game and improve upon it. By the end of the class each member of the group had contributed ideas which hopefully will be taken into consideration by everyone as they return home to incubate their ideas. The culmination of the many suggestions given during this first meeting of the minds has led to a game which will, at this time, be a game where a trivia card is played and can either be answered by the group or turned back against the dealer. The main game mechanic relies on the formation of groups by players who are at the same time trying to outplay the members of their temporary alliance.  Comment below